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Carolina Downs Country Club
Spring Lake Country Club

Featured Golf Course Review:
Carolina Downs Country Club -- worst course ever.
Review by: unhappy happy gilmore the fairways were brown and covered with weeds. the greens were terrible, they were harder than the fairway, there were long shallow trenches in some of the greens.the bunkers were harder than the pavement on the driveway. the tee boxes were very poor, they looked like something you would find in the pasture of a cow farm.someone should inform these people that water helps grass grow and should be more clear on there rules so some old guy does not come and harass you while you try to putt.
From NY

Golf Courses: Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Pebble Creek Country Club - Creekside Course -- the greens are fun to play...the ball does what you expect!
Review by: Nathan Davis This course allows you to utilize your strengths, while enjoying each shot. The greens will allow your ball to do what it is supposed to do...find the hole! You will be very pleased with the amazing greens and fairways!
From Greenville, South Carolina USA