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Staying Up-to-Date With the Latest Golf Patents

Each day, in the United States , someone decides to head out for a game of golf. Are you one of those individuals? If so, it is likely that you have a love for the sport of golf. Essentially, this may mean that you like to know the ins and outs of the sport, as well as the equipment that is used. There is a good chance that you have examined the equipment already available, at local golf shops, but what about the equipment that has yet to be developed. If you are interested in learning more about the development of new, up and coming golf products and equipment, you may want to take the time to examine inventors and the patents that they currently hold.

As an avid golfer, there is a good chance that you have heard of Callaway before. Callaway is not only a well-known golf company, but they are a trusted golf company. Since there is a good chance that you already own or are looking to purchase Callaway golf equipment, it may be a good idea to examine what the company is in the process of creating. Currently, Callaway holds over five hundred patents. Most of these patents are for golf clubs. When examining the patents held by Callaway, you will find that they are in the process of developing new putter heads, as well as new heads for other golf clubs. Additional patents are held for the development of new golf balls; golf balls currently not available on the market.

Although Callaway may be the most well-known of all golf related companies, they are not the only individuals or companies that hold golf related patents. John Erickson, of Massachusetts , currently holds over sixty patents pertaining to the development of golf shoes. With his patents, you will find that this inventor is looking to develop golf shoes that have unique outside shoe designs, as well as updated soles. .

In addition to the above mentioned golf clubs, it is not uncommon to find patents for additional golf related equipment. In fact, a number of patents are held on golf balls. These golf balls, despite what you may believe, are not all the same. There are patents held by individual inventors, a collection of inventors, or well-established golf companies. These patents, as previously mentioned, aren't just for any old type of golf ball. It is possible to find patents on golf balls that are designed with water resistant materials, as well as golf balls that are liquid filled. In fact, there are currently over one thousand different patents that are solely associated with golf balls.

As with golf balls, there are also a number of patents held on golf tees. For example, a patent is currently held by Christopher R. Adams, Thomas H. Adams, and Thomas M. Adams. That patent is titled a golf teaching system and method. This patent outlines the development of a training system, which utilizes a unique golf tee. The tee in question will be color coated. This color coating will allow golfers to determine exactly where they struck their golf balls. This is done by leaving color coated markings on the golf clubs. Essentially, if you are a golfer who is looking to improve your game, this patent, as well as the development of it, may be of great interest to you.

The above mentioned inventors and companies are just a few of the many that hold golf related patents. If you are looking for additional patents or if you want to determine if your favorite golf company has anything in the works, you are advised to visit the Patent Genius. In a matter of minutes, you could easily stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the sport of golf.


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